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The International Course in Microbial Ecology (ICME) is yearly organized by Microb&co with prestigious research institutions as hosting partner. The ICME brings together from 20 to 40 young researchers from all over the world for an intense one-week practical training, recognized as higher education course. Topics are annually selected among the most cutting-edge issues and techniques in the field of microbial ecology; instructors and speakers are invited based on their expertise in the topics selected. Participants are also selected based on their CV and motivation letters.  ICME is an itinerant course… we love to selected different hosts and to bring microbial ecology around!

Stay tuned to discover where the 8th edition of ICME will be!

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Introductory talks and theoretical sessions will focus on the major key aspects of writing, editing and publishing processes. Practical sessions will focus on participant’s draft manuscripts aiming at self-improving the writing skills. Specific topics and techniques:
– Writing and editing techniques
– Developing attractive aims and research novelties
– Citing and managing citation tools
– Publishing and copyright issues
– Research integrity

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The labour market within or outside academy is constantly evolving and scientists must consider the training of skills additional to the technical competences and qualifications acquired during their academic career.

Students need to be equipped with a variety of basic skills including foreign languages, ability to write, discuss, publish and communicate science as well as digital skills. We therefore organize workshops and courses to deal with these skills. Participants will acquire practical knowledge by making direct experience in planning, writing and communicating, dealing with problem solving and multitasking, publishing and reviewing issues.

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International Course in Microbial Ecology 8th edition
Verbania, Italy 12 -16 JUNE 2017
Course web page here.

Publishing dos and donʼts. 2nd ED

We are preparing the second edition of the publishing dos and don’ts for microbial ecologists. Date coming soon.
Course web page here.

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