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Project Description

Course Description

The seventh edition of the International Course in Microbial Ecology (7th ICME) took place from 24 to 27 October 2016 at the Microb&co’s Workshop Centre in Catania (Italy). As in the tradition of ICME, practical and theoretical sessions was held by experienced instructors in the field of microbial ecology. Introductory talks and theoretical sessions focused on the major key aspects of writing, editing and publishing processes. Practical session focused on participant’s draft manuscripts aiming at self-improving the writing skills.


Invited Speakers

Luigi Naselli Flores

luigiHe is a hydrobiologist, mainly interested in freshwater phytoplankton and its taxonomic and ecological classification systems. He has also been intrigued by the effects of environmental constraints on size and shape of planktonic algae and, more recently, by the mechanisms allowing microorganism dispersal across different freshwater ecosystems. He is Professor of Plant Ecology at the University of Palermo since 2007; in the same year he was asked to join the Hydrobiologia editorial team as Associate Editor. Since then, his “scientific horizons” had to widen in order to deal with the huge diversity of manuscripts submitted to the journal. In 2013, then, he started serving as Associate Editor in Chief. He was the president of the Italian Association for Oceanology and Limnology (2012-2015) and is currently serving as chairman of the European Federation for Freshwater Sciences (EFFS).

Leonid Schneider

imageHe graduated in biology at the University of Cologne, after specialised in molecular cell biology. The PhD thesis at the University of Düsseldorf was about the control of the cell cycle. Over 4.5 years as postdoc at IFOM in Milan, where dedicated to study neural stem cells.Once back toGermany in 2012 he decided to leave science to become investigative science journalist. Because of his own extensive background as cell biologist, his approach to science and scientists is everything but naïve or unquestioning. Special interests: research integrity and scientific misconduct in biomedicine, academic publishing, peer review transparency, open data sharing, biomedical ethics and education.

Topics and sessions

Theoretical sessions 30%
Practical session 70%

The “publish-or-perish” vogue in microbial ecology
| Lecture by Microb&co
“How to make your editor happy”
| Luigi Naselli Flores
On giants’ shoulders
| Manuela Coci
Research misconduct: science’s self-administered poison Focus on research integrity
| Leonid Schneider
If you can’t be found you do not exist
| Stefano Amalfitano
Dos and don’ts when publishing: roundtable

Lecture by Microb&co

The “publish-or-perish” vogue in microbial ecology

Luigi Naselli Flores

“How to make your editor happy”

Manuela Coci

On giants’ shoulders

Leonid Schneider

Research misconduct: science’s self-administered poison