Project Description

5 ICME – Venezia 2014

Deciphering microbial diversity and function in the
environment through Next Generation Sequencing

Course Description

The seventh edition of the International Course in Microbial Ecology (7th ICME) took place from 24 to 27 October 2016 at the Microb&co’s Workshop Centre in Catania (Italy). As in the tradition of ICME, practical and theoretical sessions was held by experienced instructors in the field of microbial ecology. Introductory talks and theoretical sessions focused on the major key aspects of writing, editing and publishing processes. Practical session focused on participant’s draft manuscripts aiming at self-improving the writing skills.


Invited Speakers

Federico Lauro

He was born and raised in Venice, Italy. He graduated from University of Padua and went on to obtain his PhD at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO) at the University of California in San Diego, California (UCSD). He has pioneered skills in both experimental and computational sciences – in particular, deep-sea and Antarctic microbiology. In total, he has authored 52 peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals including Science and PNAS. He has also published 4 book chapters and, in total, his publications have been cited >2000 times, with an H-index of 26. Particularly noteworthy contributions include his 2009 rst-author paper in PNAS which featured as the cover article with an associated PNAS Commentary. This publication described a mathematical model that predicts the trophic strategy of marine bacteria from just their genome sequence. In addition to his scienti c achievements, he is also a champion sailor winning both the Australian and

Ramon Rosselló-Móra

He is a Scienti c Researcher at the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Stud- ies (IMEDEA) that is a joint center between the Spanish Council (CSIC) and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). He runs the Marine Microbiology Group that focuses the work mostly on molecular microbial ecology studies of hypersaline environments, as well as basic and applied studies on of both cultured and uncultured prokaryotic systematics. He did his Ph-D at the UIB with napthalene degradation of marine pseudomonads. He did postdoctoral stays at the Technical University of Berlin (working with systematics), Techni- cal University of Munich (working with phylogeny and microbiology of iron reduction), and the Max-Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen (working with marine sediments’ microbial molecular diversity). In addition, he is editor of the journal Systematic and Applied Microbiology and a member of the Judicial Commission of the ICSP.

Organizers and Instructors

CNR-ISMAR Venice: Gian Marco Luna, Grazia Quero

CNR-IRSA Rome: Stefano Amalfitano
University of Messina: Angelina Lo Giudice
MEG@CNR-ISE: Gianluca Corno, Ester Eckert
Microb&co: Manuela Coci