association of Microbial Ecologists

association of Microbial Ecologists

About Microbeco

MicrobEco is a no profit organization

It has been founded in 2012, for the preparation of the 13 edition of the Symposium of Aquatic Microbial Ecology. The reason beyond its foundation were mainly two: 1. promote the activities of the Italian community of young microbial ecologists enhancing its international collaboration; 2. create a tool for the logistic aspects of educational events, without burden administrations of public research institutions.

Since 2012, MicrobEco has yearly organized an International Course in Microbial Ecology on cutting edge research topics, with a collaborative and strongly practical approach. The courses have been hosted in public research institutions according to the topic of the course. It often occurred that after one course, a participant or an instructor proposed its own institution.

That’s the way it works: MicrobEco is a community of experts who do not want to stop learning by doing, sharing practical know-how and enhancing the network of experts.

MicrobEco missions are: to share, innovate, promote and value research and researchers in microbial ecology, to compensate and stimulate the “specialization” of scientists with multidisciplinary courses and approaches. It is also heavily involved in the dissemination of scientific knowledge to not expert, starting from the earlier education levels, as well as in the education and involvement of public opinion in scientific activities. The high educational level of our team’s volunteers and their passion for microbial ecology make our association appreciated both for the excellent level of its courses as well as for the familiar and inclusive atmosphere that deeply improves the learning process.


Avatar M. Coci

Manuela Coci

Scientific supervisor


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Elena Panariello


Science communicator


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Luigi Gallucci

Vice President

Science communicator
PhD Student