Written by: M. Coci

UN – World Water Day 2023


With the resolution A/RES/47/193, United Nation General Assembly declared 22 March as the World Water Day, dedicated to celebrate fresh water and its sustainable use, defence and protection all over the world.

Each year, a new pay off is assigned to this international day which respects the given priorities to reach the Global Goals. “Accelerating change” is the 2023 pay-off, underling the need to enhance solutions to solve the water and sanitation crisis. The UN-World Water Day page is full of information with respect to individual actions and possibilites to spread the news.

In this article, we like to celebrate the World Water Day by presenting the awareness campaign done by MicrobEco in 12 Italian Schools of different educational levels. As scientists, we collected data about the quality of drinking water and we analysed the tap water from several schools’s faucet. Though the water faucets in the schools and public buildings we visited were neglected and in a certain way discourage people to drink tap water, the chemical, physical and microbiological analyses always resulted in good quality of drinking water.

To involve students, we organised laboratory activities and showed the membrane filtration techniques for microbiological analyses, explaining the importance of bacterial components and of indicators of water quality. Students were enthusiastic with the learning-by-doing activitites and they also massively participateto the data collection trought an on line questionnaire about water use in their family.

The three steps of the “Bevi Meno Plastica” awareness campaign. After checking the quality of drinking water in public schools and cleaning or changing the water faucets (phase 1), data were collected with respect to the knowledge of participants on tap and bottled water (phase 2), then (phase 3) several laboratories activities were organized with students and finally all the schools were awarded for the participation to the campaign.